For you, from me | Catherine Chen

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We both got on
the 2 Train at 42nd
street this morning
around 6 am
we chatted about
the dads of Whole
You, a gorgeous
brunette, had
a leaf in
your hair.
You looked so
innocent I
should have
said something— I
said nothing
You said… “I’m not staring,
you can ignore me,”
& we charged our
phones together.

On Saturday
I recognized you
at Stop and Shop
so now I know
you smoke.

On a crowded morning
6 train uptown
I’m alone
at the train window
I hope you’re happy when
you return to

Source: Craigslist’s Missed Connections ads.

About the Author
Catherine Chen is a Boston-based writer and data worker. Her writing has appeared in Mask Magazine, The Coalition, radical zines, and postcards lost to international airmail.