Two Poems | Margo Roby

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A Story with Ruins

Early in the morning
eating together
I ask my mother to sing

braiding from blossoms,
visions and interpretations
the gift, the sacrifice,

the city in which I loved you
this room and everything in it
this hour and what is dead.

To Leaf and to Sap

Memories, those sweet old
etceteras of our pasts, sometimes
overtake us with a murmured
O by the by… but, when we wish
to retrieve this (that), when we
throw ourselves into the strenuous
briefness, the skinny voice along
the edges of a memory, that specific
moment somewhere between there
and here, then our selves become
museums of those musty minutes.

“A Story with Ruins” source: Titles of Li-Young Lee poems

“To Leaf and to Sap” source: First lines of e.e. cummings poems.

About the Author
Margo Roby spent the first twenty years of her life in Hong Kong; the second twenty years of her life following her army husband around the world with their two children; and an overlapping third twenty years teaching at an international school in Jakarta. After five years in Atlanta, where her husband worked and she wrote, Margo has moved into her final (she hopes) retirement place, in San Antonio.