Well-Loved Kaukauna Crow Murdered | Abigail Welhouse

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Persons of Interest:

  • Boys in the alley.
  • Evelyn Warnecke – Ev’s laundry was continually pooped upon and clothespins stolen. She had easy access to the McGinnis yard.
  • Sister Juliana – Jack sat in the trees outside Tom’s classroom and cawed to him, disrupting Sister’s teachings – a  mortal sin, mortal to Jack.  Jack showed no remorse and was not repentant. Sister lived three blocks from McGinnis home, but under cover of night, could have gone undetected in black Franciscan robes.
  • Al School – because he was Al.
  • Mother – Mother provided a home, food, and family for Jack.  She overlooked her pooped on laundry, pooped on porch, thefts, and the excessive demands that crows are famous for.  After being swooped off the porch many times by Mother, Jack cleverly feigned injury (much like a mother bird will do to trick a predator from her nest in the wild), and, with his shiny sharp beak, attacked her and drew blood. Raising eight children, (sorry Maryann – wish you were there)  Mother may have swooped a little too vigorously and swept a fatal blow.
  • Pigeons in Dad’s Coop. – Coop is a good name for flight birds cooped up for life. Seeing Jack’s idyllic life could have sparked a hawk-like rebellion among the doves.


Source: Email from a relative.

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Abigail Welhouse is the author of BAD BABY, from Dancing Girl Press. Her work has been published in The Toast, The Morning News, The Rumpus, Lyre Lyre, The Heavy Feather Review, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from the City College of New York.